Acquiring Wealth isn't enough. If you want to keep that wealth, you need to learn how to protect it

We often receive questions from our members about forming business entities and protecting themselves financially. These are important questions. To get the best answers, we turn to partners we can trust. Our partners have developed a bulletproof formula to help our members protect their hard-earned wealth.

‌Here's the formula:


How does owning nothing equal Wealth Protection?

Tax Sale Support Wealth Protection

Now, we know what you are thinking... "I need to do things and own things to be wealthy?". If that's what you're thinking, you are not wrong. However, there is a better and safer way to achieve the goal of wealth. Consider this, if you don't own anything and I sue you for everything you have, and I win... what do I get? Everything. The problem is you didn't own anything so suing you was a waste of my time and resources.

Now consider this, if you don't do anything, what reason would I have to sue you? Our goal is to help individuals like you work hard, amass assets, and own many things while making it seem as if you own and do nothing. This is done through the use of proper legal entity structures such as corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Family Trusts along with impeccable tax strategy and planning.

Set up your Assets for Protection...

Whether you are just getting started and need help setting up your first LLC or you are a seasoned business owner and you are looking to fine-tune your wealth protection, we have the resources to help. Your wealth protection plan can be as customized and unique as you and your needs. Keep in mind that there is not a “one size fits all” solution with asset protection although we can help avoid unneeded stress and headaches from frivolous claims and lawsuits with the right solutions in place.

With the proper asset protection plan in place, you can lower your chances of being the 1 in every 4 that will get sued. That can be a scary number but keep in mind 4 in every 4 will be required to pay taxes! This is the last piece of the wealth protection puzzle. Our team of CPAs can help you keep more money in your pockets with our strategy + preparation approach to taxes.

Tax Sale Support Wealth Protection Program
Some of the available services include:

If you are interested in setting up a free wealth protection consultation with one of our experts, simply fill out your information below and let us know what help you are in need of and we will set up a time to connect. We look forward to helping you Own and Do Nothing!

    • Entity Formations and Filings in all 50 States (LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, etc.
    • Resident Agent Services in all 50 States as needed
    • Wealth Blueprint to identify overall Protection Plan and Tax needs
    • Fully Executed Estate Family Trust with all subsequent and required documents
      - Living Will
      - Power of Attorney
      - Schedules
    • Real Estate Investment Trust
    • Full CPA services to strategize and prepare Personal and Business tax returns in all 50 States
    • Unlimited access to CPA year-round for tax and question support
    • IRS Audit protection on all filed tax returns
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